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Stand Up Paddle (SUP) or Kayak with Manatees in King's Bay and at Three Sisters Springs

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Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the United States and beyond.  Located in beautiful Crystal River where you can swim with a manatee, Manatee Paddle is here to equip you to take part in this exciting sport on King's Bay and at Three Sisters Springs.  We offer paddleboard and kayak tours, rentals, and lessons with boards and accessories for purchase right here at our shop.

From petting stingrays in Grand Cayman to spotting the Big Five on an African safari, animal interactions sit high on the universal travel bucket list.  Crystal River is host to one of the largest manatee populations in the world.  During the winter months hundreds of manatees congregate in the springs on the river and you can't beat viewing these amazing animals from a stand up paddle board.  The Crystal River has more to offer than just manatees, so whatever the time of year we'd like to get you on a paddle board to explore it.

Our tours and lessons are led by experienced paddleboarders with local knowledge and expertise. You'll visit some of the best locations in the world for manatee sightings while getting a great core workout.  Manatee Paddle is an authorized retailer of boards and accessories from YOLO, BIC, Earth SUP, and Imagine.