Bic C-Tec 12'6" x 29" Tracer Carbon


Bic C-Tec 12'6" x 29" Tracer Carbon


Launched in 2015 and lauded for their impressive performance, smooth feel on the water and eye-catching graphics, the Tracer series has been updated to improve speed and glide as well as comfort and stability.
The flat section under foot has been extended forward towards the nose to improve stability while a lower profile piercing nose increases efficiency by smoothly parting the water on entry. A squared off ‘chisel’ shaped tail reduces drag and the standing area was revised to more efficiently shed water. Deck attachment points make it easy to secure extra gear for extended trips. A new brushed white Carbon-Innegra finish throughout the board looks great, reduces weight and improves durability while protecting the board from overheating in the sun.

Data specs:

Length - 12'6"

Width - 29"

Weight - 30lbs

Volume - 280 L

Fin Set-UP - Single fin

Fin Supplied - Touring 9''

Rider Weight Limit - 210lbs 

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