The following are prohibited activities under Federal Law (50 C.F.R. 17.108)

(A) Chasing or pursuing manatee(s).

(B) Disturbing or touching a resting or feeding manatee(s).

(C) Diving from the surface on to a resting or feeding manatee(s).

(D) Cornering or surrounding or attempting to corner or surround a manatee(s).

(E) Riding, holding, grabbing, or pinching or attempting to ride, hold, grab, or pinch a manatee(s).

(F) Poking, prodding, or stabbing or attempting to poke, prod, or stab a manatee(s) with anything, including your hands and feet.

(G) Standing on or attempting to stand on manatee(s).

(H) Separating a mother and calf or attempting to separate a mother and calf.

(I) Separating manatee(s) from a group or attempting to separate manatee(s) from a group.

(J) Giving manatee(s) anything to eat or drink or attempting to give manatee(s) anything to eat or drink.

(K) Actively initiating contact with belted or tagged manatee(s) and associated gear, including any belts, harnesses, tracking devices, or antennae.

(L) Interfering with rescue and research activities.