In the colder winter months, you are virtually guaranteed to see a manatee because there are hundreds of manatees in King's Bay congregating near the springs. In the warmer summer months, you have a 25% chance of seeing a manatee with no guarantee because most of the manatees migrate to better feeding grounds in the Gulf of Mexico and those that remain in King's Bay are dispersed throughout the bay making them harder to find. However, in the warmer months, there are still approximately 25 - 50 manatees including some mother-calf pairings that remain in King's Bay. After the first cold front arrives usually in November, the King’s Bay manatee population increases dramatically into the hundreds congregating near the springs virtually guaranteeing a manatee encounter until the weather warms back up usually in April.

We provide local knowledge of where manatee sightings are most likely to occur increasing your chances of a manatee encounter. Also, the longer you are out on the water and the more area you are able to cover, the better the chances of a manatee encounter. Therefore, a 4 hour rental helps your chances of seeing a manatee compared to a 2 hour rental. Lastly and importantly, the beautiful and pristine Three Sisters Springs is open for paddling and snorkeling from April 1 to November 14 and for snorkeling from November 15 to March 31 making your day on the water wonderful and worthwhile with or without seeing a manatee.